Rolls of 100% pure non-sintered PTFE tape make a perfect long-lasting seal on any diameter and type of thread. The tape does not harden and prevents the seizure of unions and bolts. Professional rolls are also available for use with gas, and rolls of high density PTFE tape.

If used in gas distribution circuits, on gas equipment and ancillary devices, the maximum pressure should not exceed 20 bar.

It complies with FDA and WRC regulations.

Method of use

The PTFE tape should be wound in a spiral around the thread, which has been degreased, cleaned and dried, starting from its base and following the direction of the same. The thread should be completely covered by tape, which has been partially overlapped. When wound around the thread, the tape should adapt to and retain the shape of the thread and stay in place without unravelling. When winding, make sure that tape does not break or tear. Its sealing capacity should be perfect even in the presence of vibrations and temperature variations.


Post time: Aug-30-2018
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